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Guilin River Cruise

Li River is located in the northeast part of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region in south China. As a tributary of Zhujiang River, it originates in mountain Cat at Xingan County in the north of Guilin. It winds and meanders its way for 437 Kilometers passing through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle and Wuzhou. Between Guilin and Yangshuo, the Li River is limpid with crystal water. The poet Han Yu from the Tang Dynasty described the Li River as a blue silk ribbon surrounded by green jade hairpins.

A visit to Guilin would be incomplete without a trip on the Li River. Along the 83-kilometer-long river trip by boat, the landscapes are so especially spectacular that the rocks and caves are fantastic, the deep pools, springs and waterfalls are wonderful. Elephant Hill, Chuanshan Hill, Pagoda Hill, Qifengzhen Peak Forest, Crown Cave, Painted cliff, Xingping Town and Green Lotus Peak are the extraordinary scenic spots along the river. The main scenic spots the boat will pass on a Li River cruise trip are: Pagoda Hill, Zhujiang Wharf, Bat Hill, Wangfu Rock, Dragon Playing Water, One-Side Ferry, Crown Cave, Green Bamboo of Yangdi Dock, Langshi Scenery, A Boy Worships Buddha, Painted Cliff, Reflection of Yellow Beach, Five Fingers Hill, Snail Hill, Dragon-head Hill, etc.

The double-deck pleasure cruiser with lunch served aboard from Guilin to Yangshuo is up to six hours, depending on the size of the ship.

Li River cruise
1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise (Seat In Coach Tour - Bus Tour)
Tour Code: LRC_01
Summary: Taking a memorable 4-hour boat cruise along Li River to Yangshuo. The 83-kilometers river course is like a splendid Chinese landscape painting. There's something interesting to see at almost every bend in the river.

Bamboo Raft
Guilin Li River Cruise Tour By Bamboo Raft (Seat In Coach Tour)
Tour Code: ELRC
Summary: Cruise on the most beautiful section of Li River by bamboo boat between Yangdi and Xingping. Xingping is a town 27 kilometers upstream from Yangshuo on the Li River. Xingping is surrounded by great examples of Karst scenery. The picture on the 20 RMB bill depicted exactly the beautiful scenery in Xingping.

fishman on Li River
1 Day Guilin Li River Cruise Boat Tour (Private Land Transfer)
Tour Code: LRC_02
Summary: Li River boat trip from Guilin to Yangshuo with private land transfer. This tour allows much more time for staying in Yangshuo, you could have supper in the West Street, take optional tours to countryside and watch the Liusanjie Light Show.

ethnic Dong People in Sanjiang
1 Day Li River Cruise And Yangshuo Tour
Tour Code: LRC_03
Summary: Li River boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo with private land transfer. Visit Big Banyan Tree Park and Moon Hill in Yangshuo.

drum tower in Zhaoxing
Guilin Li River Cruise By Speed-boat (One Way From Guilin To Yangshuo)
Tour Code: LRC_07
Summary: Taking a speed boat down the Li River is absolutely an exciting experience!

Ethnic Miao People in Kaili
1 Day Guilin River Cruise And Yangshuo Silver Cave Tour
Tour Code: LRC_06
Summary: Silver Cave is 18 km away from Yangshuo, the cave is the typical karst landscape, running through 12 hills. with three layers and more than ten scenery spots and different typles of stalactites, which are crystal clear and sparkling.

Li River Cruise From Yangdi To Xingping
Tour Code: LRC_08
Summary: Xingping to Yangdi along the Li River is considered to be the most beautiful part of Guilin scenery, the cruise between this part is impressive indeed!

Guilin Travel Attractions
Li River
Longji terraced fields
Elephant Hill
Reed Flute Cave
Folded Brocade Hill
Mausoleum of Ming prince
Sun-Moon Towers
Lingqu Canal
Maozhou Island
Seven Star Park
Fubo Hill
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Jiangtou Ancient Village
Yaoshan Mountain
Palace of Ming Prince
Guilin Gui Opera
Fengyu Cave
Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Yueling Ancient Village
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
Daxu Ancient Town
Merryland Golf
Silver Cave
Gaotian Village
Fuli Town
Yulong River
Xingping Village
Impression Liusanjie
Longmen Water Cave
Crown Cave
Fengyu Cave
Yuzi Sculpture Park
Gudong Scenic Region
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